Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Antique Bird Quilts

I seem to be a 'bird brain' when it comes to antique quilts (and modern and repro quilts too but that is for another day).  The first 2 photos are from my Quilted Joy/Rose of Sharon quilt, c. 1860 from Ohio.

Part of my "Birds and Blooms" antique quilt trunk show

This guy is being shot with cupid's arrow? From an 1850 crib quilt from Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

And this little charmer with the teeny tail feathers is from my Whig Rose crib quilt. **Note here is another example of a two step green (yellow and blue make green) but the yellow has gone in places leaving blue and the blue has dropped leaving a yellow/green.


  1. So beautiful. I love the birds. Hugs

  2. I recall seeing much of this trunk show at the HMQS stage a few years ago. Loved it!


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