Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cat and Horses on Quilts --Oh My!

Cotton crazy quilt top-detail of block circa 1890

Novelty print -cats and thread

Novelty print- horse & rider (polo pony?)

I'm very fond of novelty or conversation print fabrics. And thought I[d start sharing some of my favorites -both from my quilts and other sources. The cotton crazy quilt has lots of notable fabrics and funky folk appliques and the block above includes a cat along with a horse novelty fabric which worked well with the other 2 blocks I found in my photo collection.
The cats and candles and thread are too cute although they do seem like a fire waiting to happen. These were a set of blocks that got away- I was outbid. The cats and horse blocks were sold on eBay by JK Gardner. Both are also circa 1890. I'd love to see novelty prints in other collections, so please post and share.
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