Saturday, December 1, 2012

Go Team Cheddar - Vote now

My miniature repro Cheddar Stars Over Moab is in a Star contest and I'd appreciate your vote.  As a prize for my readers: eye candy (aka antique cheddar quilts).

Antique Compass Star Quilt, circa 1880, probably Southern U.S
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Here's a close up and the full reproduction quilt  and the original antique
and the voting link
Cheddar Stars Over Moab, 20" x 24"             Antique Ohio Star Quilt, circa 1890, 74" w X 87" h
Antique Sunburst/Sunflower Quilt, circa 1860 Pennsylvania
Detail of Whig Rose quilt, circa 1870, with unusual cheddar bird border
Another Cheddar Sunburst/Sunflower, circa 1850
Thanks again for reading and voting

Friday, October 26, 2012

Zigzag-alicious Bloggers Quilt Festival

Update: contest voting has begun:
1st --Vote now thru end of Nov. 8th for your #1 overall favorite quilt (hope it is my Batik Tulips, entry #46). I'm asking for votes for that quilt because it is the one I created while the one below is an antique quilt top.  Click here to see photos and links to all the quilts and click on the star below your favorite quilt pic.

2nd --Click here to nominate quilts for individual merit awards, ie best bed quilt. I suggest applique, hand quilting, and wall hanging for my quilt #46. Open thru end of Nov. 4.
3rd -- nominations will be counted and top 5 quilts in each category with then go to a final vote.
Nov. 5-8   Thank you for your comments and support.

Antique 1880's Wild Goose Chase
owned by Sandra Starley
78" x 82"
Best category – Scrap Quilt or Bed Quilt
I am a quilt maker and historian/collector and for each Quilt Festival I like to share one of my new quilts on my Art Quilt Blog whie I share an antique treasure on this one. I love to share pieces from my quilt collection in lectures and trunk shows and exhibits:  "Have Quilts, Will Travel!"

This quilt top is from the 1880's but the blocks have many earlier fabrics.  It is a multi-generational project, blocks made by the earlier owner's great grandmother and then set together with that graphic red by her mother.   It is from Michigan.  I think the earlier maker probably wasn't planning on a red sashing but boy does it make the blocks pop and the quilt sing!

And one more close-up

Thanks Amy. click below to see the rest of the wonderful quilts.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Falling for Cheddar Baskets

Just in time for Fall, hope you enjoy this yummy cheddar orange baskets quilt.  So bright and cheerful.


It has absolutely charming heart quilting designs -- look closely at the above picture to see them under the basket handle and at the bottom of the basket.  It also has feather quilting.
The blue is a denim chambray and the pink is a delicate pink floral pinstripe.

And great news -- my  1890's cheddar star reproduction  miniature quilt, "Cheddars Stars Over Moab"  is in the new issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine in an article about the American Quilt Study Group's 2010 Quilt Study Challenge. It is 20 x 24 inches.  Hand quilted, machine paper pieced.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Antique quilt study day today

I will be at This Is the Place Heritage Park on Saturday July 28th.

 I will be doing a free antique quilt presentation from 10 a.m. to noon and then appraisals from 1-5 p.m.  We will be at the Deseret Hospital building, north of the visitor's center.  I will be sharing 30 or more masterpiece antique quilts from 1800 to 1899. The Park will also have antique quilts on display.  Entry into the Park that day is free with Utah Quilt Guild membership. Let me know if you have any questions about the trunk show and if you see any quilts on my blog or on facebook that you would like me to bring to share with you.!/sandra.starley!/TextileTimeTravels

Here's a close up of the Maryland Reel shown above:  note the spoons and scissor quilting

Sunday, June 24, 2012

1844 PA Signature Stars

One of many signature/name blocks in my dated 1843-44 Ohio Star quilt from Philadelphia and surrounding towns.  This block for Henry Jones was stamped with a signature stamp with 2 charming cherubs (angels) on top and anchors and maybe a lyre on bottom.

Here is the full quilt, very large 104" x 108" with a variety of signatures/names from Philadelphia, PA and several Welsh Quaker towns like Tredyffrin, Gwynedd, also Bristol, Bucks Co, Montgomery etc.   Some of the surnames are Green, Simmers, Foulke, Lukens, Jones, Downing, Huffnagle.  Based on the towns and surnames and also a Quaker style dating method, I believe this is a Quaker quilt.
And here is the fabulous highly glazed cotton chintz backing fabric

 Love this wonderful little bird carrying a ribbon for RL Simmers.  Several blocks have the Simmers name.

And here's the block for CE Green:  a grape vine branch.  A number of blocks also have Green surnames.

Please let me know if you have any questions or have any information to add.
Your comments and questions are most appreciated.

Friday, May 18, 2012

For the birds- Bloggers Quilt Festival

One of my favorite spring (and fall events) is the Bloggers' Quilt Festival run by Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side.  It is a great opportunity to see what is happening now in the quilt world.  I'm sharing an antique crib quilt that has captured my heart.  Here's a close up:

And the full quilt
Whig's Defeat c. 1850
36 x 36

Details of other 1850-60 applique quilts

Enjoy, here's the link to see the rest of the virtual quilt show

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pining for Pillars/ Crazy for Chintz

I love very early antique quilts and fabrics especially 1820's to 1860's.  And my favorite fabrics are pillar print chintz fabrics like this charmer featuring birds and flowers atop a pillar or column.   Pillar prints were only popular for a short period of time and printed mainly between 1800-1830.  They were only printed by English printers.  They are seen in American whole cloth and pieced quilts between 1820-60. 
 This piece is about 10 x 13 inches, large enough to experience and study the fabric but much more economical than purchasing a whole quilt.  Check with antique dealers to see if they have yardage - it is a great way to own a piece of history at an affordable price.  Circa 1825-35.

And here is another glorious pillar print with fabulous baskets of flowers and fruit.  So glad the auction house showed the backing fabric on this quilt, it was definitely why I wanted this quilt.  Though the front is very nice too with tiny double nine patches (individual 9 patches are only 3 inches).  Circa 1835 or 1840.

This gorgeous egg glazed chintz was part of a bedset/bed curtains (drapes around the canopy bed).  It is from about 1830- 40 and the edges are finished with hand loomed tape that is often called "Trenton Tape" as it was very popular in Trenton and other parts of New Jersey. 

Here is a simpler pillar print with flowers and grapes that is perfectly showcased in a whole cloth quilt.  Circa 1830.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Antique Quilt Makeover- PA Inspiration

I'm busy quilting on my latest quilt reproduction/rescue/makeover, etc. for a national challenge. I was  heavily influenced by the PA German aesthetic and inspired by about half dozen antique quilts in my collection. Above is the completed top (40" x 40").  You can read about all the antique inspirations, block by block on my other blog, - see the January and February listings.

Here are the block inspirations:

And here are some of the PA color inspirations
and this gem
Again, see 2012 entries on  to learn about the above inspirational antique quilts.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1880 Hexagon Medallion with Novelty Prints; Antique Quilt

I'm revisiting the quilt featured in the Cupids in quilts valentine's day post.    Here is the center with a great bird from a cheater cloth/printed patchwork crazy quilt fabric (the fabric was used many times in the quilt).  And if you look closely you'll find a centennial 1876 flag print (don't forget to click on photos to enlarge them).

Here is the full quilt, love the graphic nature of hexagon medallions with careful color placement and this is a real triumph of both art and workmanship.  Circa 1880 in the charm style although with repeats (mostly fussy cut from different parts of novelty/cheater cloth fabrics).  It has lots of wonderful unusual novelty prints and I'll share a few in this posting.   You can scroll down to the prior post or click on the link above to see the cupid fabrics.

Probably the most important fabric in the quilt is this dated centennial print from 1876 with 1776- 1876, the  Liberty bell and the names of the original colonies.

Next we find this charming couple and another bird and on the middle of the bottom row another printed patchwork print (see how it looks like a piece of sewn patchwork).  The 1880's were the heyday for such fabrics.

Next we find another person in a lovely striped outfit and a simulated needlepoint flower and look closely, that  flower is from a printed patchwork imitation crazy quilt fabric.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cupids in Antique Quilts

In honor of St. Valentine's Day, I went on a search for cupids and hearts/arrows in my antique quilt collection.  Here is the best cupid fabric ever ... The Cupid-Seller or Love Merchant, a toile de Jouy, from Jouy France, Oberkampf fabric company, from 1817.  Look at the amazing detail.

And here are a couple of cupids from a circa 1880 hexagon medallion quilt (also has centennial fabrics).

And a bird (love bird?) getting shot with cupid's arrow, from my 1845 Virginia crib quilt

And finally from my dated 1850 Chester Co. PA, Quaker quilt, here is a heart being shot by cupid's arrow

Happy Valentine's Day
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