Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cupids in Antique Quilts

In honor of St. Valentine's Day, I went on a search for cupids and hearts/arrows in my antique quilt collection.  Here is the best cupid fabric ever ... The Cupid-Seller or Love Merchant, a toile de Jouy, from Jouy France, Oberkampf fabric company, from 1817.  Look at the amazing detail.

And here are a couple of cupids from a circa 1880 hexagon medallion quilt (also has centennial fabrics).

And a bird (love bird?) getting shot with cupid's arrow, from my 1845 Virginia crib quilt

And finally from my dated 1850 Chester Co. PA, Quaker quilt, here is a heart being shot by cupid's arrow

Happy Valentine's Day


  1. Thanks for sharing these vintage cupids. The print in that first photo looks like it could have come from a dollar bill. : )

  2. Oh those are some neat prints. I just love the fabrics in the hexagons.

  3. Fun! Who knew Cupid had 6 pack abs?! LOL


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