Thursday, December 31, 2020

Antique Quilts - A Monthlong Celebration of Antique Red and Green Quilts - Day 31

 The last day of our monthlong celebration of antique red and green quilts from the Starley Antique Quilt Collection features a variety of Birds and Blooms  - stars of my virtual/online trunk show: Birds and Blooms.

Four block Eagle and Tulip Medallion Quilt from Southeastern Pennsylvania. Circa 1865/70. And part of its extra folky eagle (or dove) friends. They also hail from Pennsylvania.

A detail of an adorable crib quilt - circa 1850.

Part of another adorable crib quilt from the same time period, I do love Birds and Blooms!

Detail of a very unusual quilt that features birds, fish, and roosters in the border!

Two birds from my Quilted Joy antique quilt - pattern available to make your own mini version!

A bird from another circa 1850 crib quilt - this one from Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Yes, I like little quilts, especially if they have birds and flowers!!!

And finally, a delightful bird applique from a circa 1855 basket quilt from New York State! Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Antique Quilts - A Monthlong Celebration of Antique Red and Green Quilts - Day 30

 This is a wonderful antique quilt with an amazing paisley sashing and great red and greens and blues and more. The icing on the top is that it is an early signature quilt to boot.

Interestingly for a signature or friendship quilt - the focus is on the fabrics rather than the names which are written in corners of the background. Usually, names are placed in the block centers especially with a star block like this one.

Isn't that paisley border bold and beautiful! A star of my Signature Quilt trunk show and my Antique Stars lecture.

The full star quilt from Hunterdon County, New Jersey (Western NJ, just across the river from Philadelpia). It is an early signature quilt and has dates of 1841 and 1842. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Antique Quilts - Monthlong Celebration of Antique Red and Green Quilts from the Starley Collection

 Another different Red and Green antique quilt from my collection- enjoy! This is one of a small group of Tumbling Block Stars featuring solid fabric center stars made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in the 1880s. My friend Greta and I have found about 15 and fellow collector Pat Nickols found quite a few too. So I think that at least 30 of them were made at that time and place. 

Here's one of mine with the distinctive center star (above) made of only solid fabrics and generally the only solid fabrics used in the quilt. And look at the stars around the central stars - note how carefully she matched the three sets of fabrics used in each star. Look at the lower right star and notice how nicely the two pinks match each other, as well as the two browns and the two purples. \Click on the photo to enlarge - there are 6 different prints in each star.

This is the only one I've seen so far with a diamond braid border which is a great finish! This maker was very careful with her color placement to create the twinkly Tumbling Block Stars. Again, note how carefully she was to match the three sets of fabrics used in each star.  So many different fabrics. I think several different ladies made the quilts based on workmanship and fabric coordination (some didn't pay attention to color placement and lost some stars). I think they traded fabrics to get such close matches. Great variety of prints - look at the two Madder orange paisley prints in the star below. 

Also wonderful novelty prints like this circus dog jumping through a hoop - one of the all-time best novelty prints!

Monday, December 28, 2020

Antique Quilts - A Monthlong Celebration of Antique Beauty - Antique Red and Green Quilts

 I hope you have been enjoying this peek into my antique quilt vaults! This month has just been the tip of the antique quilt iceberg. I'm happy to share them NOW in VIRTUAL antique quilt trunk shows over Zoom and then in person once we can travel again.

Today's red and green antique quilt has lots of red and green (and pink and yellow and ...) but it isn't a traditional red and green quilt. It sure is a HAPPY quilt though. Circa 1855,1860s Courthouse Steps quilt pattern (variation of the Log Cabin quilt pattern) from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Starley antique quilt collection.

Here's the full quilt top. Isn't it a happy quilt? I'll bet you are smiling! Purchased from my friend Molly of Fourth Corner Quilts. Thanks Molly.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Antique Quilts - A Monthlong Celebration of Antique Red and Green Quilts - Day 27

 Red (with green) antique quilt! A sparkly, starry quilt made by Quakers living in Southeastern Pennsylvania (Delaware County) in 1850. Starley Antique Quilt Collection

Love how beautifully arranged it is and how lovely it looks both up close and from a distance.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Antique Quilts - A Monthlong Celebration of Antique Red and Green Quilts - Day 26

 Today's antique treasure from the Starley Antique Quilt Collection is a striking red and green antique Princes Feather or Princess Feather quilt. It is an amazing 4-block quilt with awesome details. I think it is the perfect antique Christmas Quilt and it makes me smile as the feathers look like the German Christmas pickles.  Circa 1850, likely from Ohio. Part of my virtual trunk show, Birds and Blooms. Yes, I am now doing virtual antique quilt lectures - giving you lots of up close and personal looks at the treasures in my collection. I don't just show you my regular trunk show, I revamp them with LOTS of additional photos!

Look out all those teeny sikes/notches on the feathers and those teeny sawteeth in the sashing. And that the double star in the feather centers! Be sure to click on the photo to enlarge and see the details.

And here is a close-up of one of the border corners with a delightful spriggy star flower. But the coolest thing about the border treatment is the maker used circles in the 4 corners to artfully turn the corners. This is one of two antique quilts I own that use this ingenious technique. No matter where your border vine ends up in the border area, you can connect it to the corner circle and voila, you've rounded the corner!!!!
Another way of explaining this:
 ***Here's a huge trick for making a vine applique border work right -- put a circle in each corner and then each side of the vine can go join to the circle where ever it needs to and go from there.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Antique Quilts - A Monthlong Celebration of Joy - Antique Red and Green Quilts

 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! I hope you enjoy today's very merry antique red and green quilt!

A close-up of the folksy red and green border.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Antique Quilts - Month of Antique Quilts Day 24 - Red and Green Antique Quilts

Day 24 of the antique quilt extravaganza features a wonderful antique friendship crib quilt from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.
The Red and Green antique quilt even has a Christmas wreath :)

Here's the full quilt - it was obviously made for a beloved baby or child. Starley Quilt Collection.

I was inspired to make a miniature replica of the quilt.

I'm putting the final touches on the pattern and it will be released in a few days in my Etsy shop. By the way, all my patterns are on sale right now (20% off for the end of 2020).  Both quilts are stars of my now virtual or online Sign of the Time trunk show and the miniature quilt is available as an online hand applique class. Contact me for details. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Antique Quilts - A Month of Celebrating Antique Quilts - Day 23 - Antique Red and Green Quilts

 This amazing antique applique quilt is one of the stars of my collection and the star of my Birds and Blooms trunk show (now available as a virtual online presentation).  Click on this photo to see the details - check out that intense 1/4 inch grid quilting!

Isn't this one of the most gorgeous antique red and green quilts! Starley Antique Quilt Collection.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Antique Quilts Celebration - A Month of Antique Red and Green Quilts

 Red and Green or Pink and Green Antique Quilt - Part of the Starley Quilt Collection.

The pattern is Cherry Tree. Don't you just love all those dots (circles)?

Such an interesting arrangement and combination of elements with the formal set of the applique blocks and the rather freeform look of the border. From a distance, the border flowers and leafs look like they have been scattered but they are all anchored by a delicate yellow vine. Click on the photo above to see the details.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Antique Quilts - Day 21 of a Month of Antique Quilts - Red and Green Quilts

 Okay, this is more Pink and Green :) But close enough, I'd say. The pattern is an Uneven Nine Patch, also known as Puss in the Corner. Starley Quilt Collection.

Check out the fabulous zigzag pink and green border!

Click on the photos to enlarge and see the great fabrics and the diagonal triple rodded hand quilting (3 lines of quilting, space, three lines, space, repeat).

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Antique Quilts - Day 20 -A Month of Celebrating Antique Quilts Red and Green Reel

 A very Merry Christmas Quilt! This is the poster child for exquisite Red and Green quilts. The Reel or Hickory Reel quilt is so elegant and cheerful and clearly done by someone with a designer's eye. Note how the blocks set on point create a wonderful secondary 4-leaf pattern and give the quilt so much movement. Circa 1850 and likely from Maryland. Starley Antique Quilt Collection. Part of Quilted Joy class and trunk show - now available as a virtual class.

And then the masterfully executed swag and tassel border is the crowning touch. Just look at how she beautifully rounded each of the 4 corners! She definitely liked hand piecing and applique but I don't think she was a big fan of quilting or maybe she ran out of time before the quilt was due. Click on the photo below to see the unique quilting motifs - a pair of scissors above the green swag and a pair of spoons below it. Not a lot of quilting but who doesn't love quilted scissors and spoons! 

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Antique Quilts - Day 19 - Antique Quilt Festival - Red and Green Quilts

Antique Quilts - A month of textile treasures. Day 19 follows up on the elaborate Bethlehem Star quilt shared yesterday. This is another amazing central star quilt surrounded by smaller stars - 4 full stars and 4 partial stars. Red and Green and more :)
Isn't that blue background just fabulous! Makes this look like THE Star of Bethlehem. Such a different feel from yesterday's central star quilt with a light background and applique motifs. 

The bright yellow backing is a more "recent" addition - this 1850/60s quilt top was likely backed and quilted a 100 years later in the 1950s. Here's the center - so striking.

Antique Quilts - Day 18 of Antique Quilt Show - Red and Green Antique Quilts

 Antique quilts - a month-long festival of antique quilts! Bethlehem Star or Mathematical Star. Starley Antique Quilt Collection. Love all the interesting applique accents! Likely made in the Eastern Seaboard area - perhaps Maryland. Circa 1840s.

Click on the photos to enlarge and see these amazing fabrics - circa 1840s!

More delicious greens and Turkey reds!

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