Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Day 2 - A Month of Antique Quilts - Red and Green French Star

 So happy to share my quilts with you this holiday season. Here is one of my newer additions to my Red and Green Collection and more importantly my French Star Collection.

Isn't it yummy!!
And look at all that fabulous double rodded (two lines close together) hand quilting!
Here's the full quilt with the fabulous paisley fabric sashing and border which adds wonderful movement! 


  1. My favorite part is the quilting! Those double rows of stitching make this quilt so special!

  2. This quilt really dances! So pretty--and I can't imagine doing all of that close hand quilting!!

  3. Oh my! The paisley sashing and borders really makes this quilt zing. Love this one!


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