Monday, April 23, 2012

Pining for Pillars/ Crazy for Chintz

I love very early antique quilts and fabrics especially 1820's to 1860's.  And my favorite fabrics are pillar print chintz fabrics like this charmer featuring birds and flowers atop a pillar or column.   Pillar prints were only popular for a short period of time and printed mainly between 1800-1830.  They were only printed by English printers.  They are seen in American whole cloth and pieced quilts between 1820-60. 
 This piece is about 10 x 13 inches, large enough to experience and study the fabric but much more economical than purchasing a whole quilt.  Check with antique dealers to see if they have yardage - it is a great way to own a piece of history at an affordable price.  Circa 1825-35.

And here is another glorious pillar print with fabulous baskets of flowers and fruit.  So glad the auction house showed the backing fabric on this quilt, it was definitely why I wanted this quilt.  Though the front is very nice too with tiny double nine patches (individual 9 patches are only 3 inches).  Circa 1835 or 1840.

This gorgeous egg glazed chintz was part of a bedset/bed curtains (drapes around the canopy bed).  It is from about 1830- 40 and the edges are finished with hand loomed tape that is often called "Trenton Tape" as it was very popular in Trenton and other parts of New Jersey. 

Here is a simpler pillar print with flowers and grapes that is perfectly showcased in a whole cloth quilt.  Circa 1830.
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