Saturday, December 4, 2010

Patriotic Quilt pattern #2 Donkey named Giddap

Just a few days after posting my Ararat elephant (previous post) from the Kansas City Star, I found a very affordable donkey quilt on eBay.  So in the interest of equal time for both parties and also because of several requests to see the donkey pattern, I am posting Giddap the Donkey, Brackman #226.77 which was first published in 1931.  I opened the box up and was very surprised to find, not only it is my first donkey quilt . . . but it is my first double knit polyester quilt - yikes.  Scary to think it will probably outlast the rest of my collection.  The white background is cotton and I didn't notice or think to ask about the rest of the quilt.  Based on the fabrics, I'll say it is circa 1970's. In doing some more research I found that the Star reprinted this pattern in 1977 which helps confirm the dating (probably more patriotic overflow from the bicentennial). I think I need to stick with my beloved 1800's cottons but it is a good reminder to ask lots of questions before purchasing.   The blocks are large 23" x 26".

Hope you enjoy (I think that pink donkey is smirking at me).  This is not a very common pattern but they are out there, if you keep looking.  I found another one on eBay last week, a 1950's gingham 4 block that was also very affordable and a lot less goofy (or creepy) looking and made of natural fibers but I already had one so I let it go (well I captured a bit of it).  Guess I should have waited a bit longer for this one or one from a dealer.

  Speaking of which, they are also a few available from antique quilt dealers  including my friend Cindy Rennels  who has a delightful 4 block pink example for sale on her site.
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