Monday, July 22, 2019

1876 Centennial Log Cabin

Antique Log Cabin quilt featuring dated 1876 Centennial fabric, part of the Starley Quilt Collection.
It features the brown Centennial cheater cloth on the right side of the picture. Fabric was printed to celebrate America's Centennial (100 years) in 1876 and it has 1776 and 1876 in the print.

More of the quilt along with the red colorway of the 1876 Centennial cheater print - such a cool fabric.

More of the fab fabrics including the cheater as well as a fun novelty print with horseshoes and dice.

Even more wonderful prints.

Technically this is a summer spread or coverlet because it does not have 3 layers. No separate backing layer or any batting BUT it was sewn on foundation fabric squares so it has a "back" and it is bound with no raw edges.

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