Saturday, December 1, 2012

Go Team Cheddar - Vote now

My miniature repro Cheddar Stars Over Moab is in a Star contest and I'd appreciate your vote.  As a prize for my readers: eye candy (aka antique cheddar quilts).

Antique Compass Star Quilt, circa 1880, probably Southern U.S
Brief commercial break: 
Here's a close up and the full reproduction quilt  and the original antique
and the voting link
Cheddar Stars Over Moab, 20" x 24"             Antique Ohio Star Quilt, circa 1890, 74" w X 87" h
Antique Sunburst/Sunflower Quilt, circa 1860 Pennsylvania
Detail of Whig Rose quilt, circa 1870, with unusual cheddar bird border
Another Cheddar Sunburst/Sunflower, circa 1850
Thanks again for reading and voting
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