Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Antique Quilt Study

This spring I taught an in depth antique quilt study workshop on 19th century quilts and did appraisals at Elaines Quilt Block in Salt Lake City. Here is the shop display showing two circa 1890 quilts from my collection. On the left is honeycomb or hexagon patchwork (earlier version of grandmother's flower garden) and it features the red and blue fabrics so often seen in the late 19th century quilts including one bit of a mill engraved horse. And speaking of novelty fabric, the blazing star quilt has several equine fabrics and other conversation prints. These fabrics are excellent clues to dating to the late 19th century, 1880's and 90's. Be sure to click on the photo to take a closer look. You'll see 2 red horseshoe fabrics, a simple one and a detailed version with horseshoe, riding crop and jockey or riding helmet. By the way, if you are ever in Salt Lake make a point to visit Elaines, they have a great selection of fabrics, including reproduction fabrics.
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