Friday, October 30, 2009

Crazy quilt update

This quilt I made for the Alliance for American Quilts is up for auction right now on eBay until tonight.

I was very pleased that it was an honorable mention award winner in the contest and shown in Houston and on 2 Alliance newsletters but even more thrilling to this quilt historian is that it will be part of the Quilt Index run by the Alliance. What an honor to know that my quilt will be in such great company and have a permanent place in that great repository and resource of quilt history.
To see more about the process of making of my crazy quilt, see my art quilt blog
And here are links to view each set of quilts up for auction:
Week One: Monday, Oct. 26 - Monday, Nov. 2
Week Two: Monday, Nov. 2 - Monday, Nov. 9
Week Three: Monday, Nov. 9 - Monday, Nov. 16
The bidding for each quilt will start at $50 and each 7-day auction week starts and ends at 9:00 pm Eastern. All proceeds will support the AAQ and its projects.

Monday, October 26, 2009

1879 PA signature album quilt

Forget me not, Forget me never -Em Wood

This is a Pennsylvania signature album quilt dated 1879, purchased recently from Texas quilt dealer John Sauls. I've done a little research via and found that it is from Tuscarora, Bradford Co., PA. Some of the family names are Hall, Montgomery, Chamberlain, and Lake. The quilt has been washed and many of the signatures are faint and/or only have first names. A number of blocks have very small buttonhole applique stitch and fine chain stitch stems. In addition to the variety of mostly floral motifs, it also has a variety of quilting designs.
I'd love to hear from anyone from that area of PA and anyone who owns or has seen a similar quilt.
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