Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote heads or tails vintage block


This is reminder to my US readers to get out and vote today. Many of you quilt historians will recognize this block, even in two parts as 'Ararat'- Brackman #226.76. Published in the Kansas City Star, June 6, 1931. There was a companion/opposition block Giddap (donkey) that was published in July of 1931. These are the go to pieced blocks for republican and democrat as far as I know. Haven't seen any others-have you.
I don't want to appear partisan but I only have Ararat.
Two scans of vintage pillowcased quilt block in my collection.  Block is 14.5" high x 19" wide.  I haven't looked at the actual patterns but it seems like the elephant block is significantly smaller than the donkey. 

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