Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Antique 1880 Hexagon Mosaic Medallion

Hexagon Mosaic Medallion
circa 1880, Ohio, 86 x 70"
 This graphic antique quilt gives the impression of being sewn in wedge segments but is done in staggered straight rows.  Each row is cut from one fabric but a few fabrics are used in two rows.  2" Hexagons.  Purchased from Cindy Rennels.  A great mix of madder reds and browns alternating with black and white shirtings; small scale prints, clearly a well planned quilt.

Detail of center -- don't forget to click on it to see the fabrics up close.  The floral in rows 3 and 5 is especially charming.

Again, you'll want to click on pic to zoom in and see the upper row shirting, it is a delightful cherry heart design.  It is interesting to note how many elegant 19th century quilts have one or a few stripes or plaids, like the blue and cream stripe on the last row and the printed plaid below.  They add interest and are a great element to add to make reproductions look more authentic.

This detail shot shows the interesting quilting- straight line grid through the blocks rather than the traditional outline.  If I ever make a hex quilt, I will use this method -- much less work than stitching around each individual hex.
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