Friday, October 26, 2012

Zigzag-alicious Bloggers Quilt Festival

Update: contest voting has begun:
1st --Vote now thru end of Nov. 8th for your #1 overall favorite quilt (hope it is my Batik Tulips, entry #46). I'm asking for votes for that quilt because it is the one I created while the one below is an antique quilt top.  Click here to see photos and links to all the quilts and click on the star below your favorite quilt pic.

2nd --Click here to nominate quilts for individual merit awards, ie best bed quilt. I suggest applique, hand quilting, and wall hanging for my quilt #46. Open thru end of Nov. 4.
3rd -- nominations will be counted and top 5 quilts in each category with then go to a final vote.
Nov. 5-8   Thank you for your comments and support.

Antique 1880's Wild Goose Chase
owned by Sandra Starley
78" x 82"
Best category – Scrap Quilt or Bed Quilt
I am a quilt maker and historian/collector and for each Quilt Festival I like to share one of my new quilts on my Art Quilt Blog whie I share an antique treasure on this one. I love to share pieces from my quilt collection in lectures and trunk shows and exhibits:  "Have Quilts, Will Travel!"

This quilt top is from the 1880's but the blocks have many earlier fabrics.  It is a multi-generational project, blocks made by the earlier owner's great grandmother and then set together with that graphic red by her mother.   It is from Michigan.  I think the earlier maker probably wasn't planning on a red sashing but boy does it make the blocks pop and the quilt sing!

And one more close-up

Thanks Amy. click below to see the rest of the wonderful quilts.

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