Monday, April 8, 2019

Patterns Through Time - Antique Quilt Trunk Show

In March I was so happy to share my antique quilts at the Sew On and Sew Forth Quilt Retreat run by Amy McClellan of Under The Garden Moon. I presented my Patterns Through Time trunk show where I share at least a dozen different quilt patterns with 2 different examples of each pattern. For example. a 1890s Rocky Road to Kansas and a 1930s version. I discuss the pattern and its history and explain the differences and similarities between the two examples.  I also cover general information on quilt history and quilt dating. 
1890s Rocky Road to Kansas from Penn. (left) and 1930s version from Utah (right)

  1830s Mosaic (early Grandmothers Flower Garden) and a 1890s Diamond Field (another GFG variation).

3 examples of Caesers Crown from the 1800s - middle and right ones are signature quilts.

Patterns range from common 9 patch blocks to the very uncommon French Stars shown above. Top quilt is from 1870s, made in Pennsylvania. Lower quilt is from the Ruby McKim pattern and is from the 1940s/50s.

Hope you enjoyed this sample of my Patterns Through Time trunk show. I'd love to come share these treasures with you! Have Quilts, Will Travel. See pages under the banner photo for more information on my trunk shows and classes.

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