Thursday, September 19, 2019

Getting Started With Hand Quilting -Back To School Blog Hop

Have you always wanted to learn to hand quilt?? Well, what is stopping you?
Starting is as simple as picking up some fabric, batting, needle, and thread. 
STOP making it a big deal and
START quilting!!

Just DO IT!!!  And HAVE FUN!!!

So many of us are perfectionists and that leads to paralysis. We tend to wait for that "special quilt" before starting to hand quilt and when we have the special one we are afraid of ruining it ...  Any of this sound familiar?

The best remedy is just to START stitching.
Batik Tulips - Sandra Starley - pattern available

Here are the very simple basics:
  1. 15-inch piece of fun fabric for the top, 
  2. 15-inch piece of batting (I recommend a thin wool or silk batt), and 
  3. 15-inch piece of fabric for the back.
  4. Cotton thread
  5. Quilting needle
  6. Thimble
Folk Art Applique - Sandra Starley- pattern available

Grab a chalk pencil to draw a simple grid or geometric design. Use a white lead for dark fabric or the pencil chalk for light colored top. Or try quilting along the lines of a large plaid or a floral or holiday pattern - no marking needed.

Cheddar Stars -Sandra Starley - pattern available

Layer starting with backing wrong side facing up, batting, top fabric right side facing up. Hand baste (simple running stitch through all 3 layers) or pin to secure. And don't forget a thimble to protect your finger. Think of this as a test and don't put pressure on yourself. It is only a little bit of fabric. Get comfortable with the process on this sample instead of your great masterpiece. If you like it make it into a pillow, if not, save it to look back on in a few years and see your progress.

Detail - Virginia Is For Lovers - Sandra Starley

Just Try It!!
Thread a quilting needle with a cotton thread - it doesn't have to be special quilting thread or a super teeny needle. You will need to tie a small double knot at the end of the thread and pull it through into the batting. Use your needle to pull the thread end out of sight. There are two basic stitches: rocking stitch or stab stitch. Try both and see which you like. Try different battings - see which suits YOU best. Same with needles and thread. Find your bliss!!

Mini Moab Landscape - Sandra Starley - pattern available

Hand quilt where it will show - block centers, borders. Feel free to machine quilt in the ditch, in seams, etc. Showcase the hand quilting. As you grow in confidence start using fun, bright threads and bolder designs/patterns.
Detail Pennsylvania Posies - Sandra Starley

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Monday, September 9, 2019

Back To School Blog Hop 2019

 Sam Hunter is once again heading up her fun and super informative Back to School Blog Hop 2019 for the whole month of September. Yes, a whole month FULL of great tips and tutorials! You can easily accomplish your goal of learning something new every day by following/hopping along!

Visit Sam's blog to see all the links and be sure to come back here on Day 19 (9/19) to learn how to get started on hand quilting. I'll show you how easy it is to get started and how much fun you can have in the zen zone of hand quilting. All you need is some fabric, batting, needle, and thread and finally "making that first stitch!"

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