Thursday, March 22, 2018

Early Antique Quilts - Chips Whetstones (compass) and Mosaic Hexagon Diamonds

Two more wonderful quilts from the special exhibit at the American Quilt Study Group Seminar 2017 by Debra Grana and Sharon Waddell. Both of these are owned by Ms. Grana.

1st up is this stunning Chips & Whetstone, similar to a Mariner's Compass. Great early fabrics and fun dots in the block corners and finished up with a can't miss --- Zigzag border!!

 Click on pic to enlarge

Hexagons are often set in routine rosettes or flower garden settings but this hexagon mosaic or diamond setting is much less common. C. 1830

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What is a Tile Quilt? Antique New England Tile Quilt

Tile Quilt?? For many of you this will be a new antique quilt style. Tile quilts are generally appliqued onto a background with space showing between patches like grout around ceramic tiles. They are fairly rare/uncommon. This beauty is from the New England Quilt Museum. Circa 1885

My favorite is this block with a cat highlighted in the center of the block and surrounded by a bird, a good luck horseshoe, a rooster, and a sunflower.

The decorated fan is lovely.

I think this owl and butterfly are fussy cut out of a period crazy quilt cheater print.And the fan and several Asian scenes another strong clue to the 1880s date.

The couple with lady in long dress playing a raquet game could also help date the quilt by a costume expert.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fab Folk Art Applique Antique Quilt

This charming applique quilt from the 1850s was on display at Mercer Museum at the entry to the Schafer exhibit last year. I love this little basket of birds. Isn't it sweet~  Scoll down for more info...

Don't forget to click on photos to enlarge  and see the details like these polka dot butterflies !

The quilt was a multi generational, multi-state, multi-century project

More birds and folky applique

Monday, March 19, 2018

Wonderful 1876 Centennial Zigzag Triangle Quilt - Mary Schafer Collection

The Mercer Museum had an great exhibit of Mary Schafer Quilts- antiques that she collected as well as quilts that she made.
One of my favs was this zigzag triangle quilt - it is dated 1876. It was a top when Mary found it and she added the borders and hand quilted it.

The light middle flag print is an 1876 Centennial fabric

Look at the minty green center triangle (synthetic aldehyde green)- a good clue to an 1876/ 1880s quilt

And here in the middle below the yellow gold stripe is the where the maker signed and dated the quilt. She was from Michigan. Dated 1876

Another aldehyde green (top right corner) and a tag pointing to another centennial eagle print.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Turn of Century Quilts -Unusual cigar band silks quilt and Signature Drunkard's Path

More wonderful treasures from my quilt appraisal educational journeys. Revisiting the Millyard Museum Manchester New Hampshire.

There was a quilt exhibit and here are two more of the delightful quilts.  1st up is an unusual cigar band quilt from Massachusetts. Circa 1900

2nd is a striking red/white Drunkard's Path quilt that is also a signature quilt and from Manchester!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saint Patricks Day Antique Quilt Wild Goose Chase

Perfect Quilt for St. Patricks day from the Starley Collection. Enjoy

Friday, March 16, 2018

Stunning Stars from AQSG Seminar 2017

More wonderful star quilts from the special quilt exhibit at the American Quilt Study Group seminar in New Hampshire last October featuring quilts from the collections of Debra Grana and Sharon Waddell.

Fabulous Bethlehem Star framed with Sunflowers and again with those New England poster corner cutouts. Circa 1850, found in Maine. Debra Grana.

Circle Star - Sharon Waddell Collection

And this Circle Star quilt circa 1870 from Massachusetts is another stunner! So many curves and points in this quilt. And look at the secondary double diamond pattern created by careful color placement.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hexie Fun Vintage Hexagon Quilt

Hexagon quilts have been around for a long time, since the 1700s in England. Yes, hexie madness is nothing new. I'm particularly fond of hexagons pieced in the medallion setting. Here's one from the 1950s, part of the Starley Quilt Collection.

If this came across my appraisal table I would note the strong visual, graphic appeal due to the careful color placement. Note that it starts out as a simple flower garden rosette and just keeps getting better and better.

Close of the nice variety of prints and solids

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Two Antique Quilts from Maine and one is a Potholder Quilt

Yes, I said potholder  ... One of the joys of the American Quilt Study Group annual seminar is the antique quilt show (and the vendor booths). The 2017 Seminar had an amazing exhibit by collectors Debra Grana and Sharon Waddell. I'm sharing two of Deb's now and the first is a potholder quilt.

A potholder is a quilt as you go technique where each block is quilted and bound (treated like an individual small quilt) and then joined together to make a complete quilt. This example was done in two parts or perhaps cut in half.  *Potholder quilts are uncommon but most often were made in Maine or have some connection to Maine.

Quilt #2 Also from Maine - Debra Grana Collection.  A wonderful sampler, c. 1860. The sashing is a fugitive purple that turns to shades of brown from light exposure. T cut out for a poster bed like this one is a strong clue to a New England origin.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Unusual Star Quilts -French Star Variation

I'm always on the search for unusual quilt patterns, the more unique and older, the better. And I really like the uncommon French Star pattern and variations. Here's one from my traveling antique collection, Antique Stars trunk show. Enjoy

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