Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Red & Green Festival, Antique French Star, Day 17

Such and elegant red and green quilt, this French Star hails from Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. Part of the Sandra Starley Antqiue Quilt Collection and shared in my Patterns ThroughTime Lecture as well as my Antique Stars, Quilt Masterpieces Trunk show or quilt study class.

An uncommon pattern, likely due to the fussy piecing and expert skills required to make the pattern.

Isn't that border the perfect finish!


  1. Is there a place where any patterns are available for any of the blocks for the quilts. I adore this specific quilt. I seem to be drawn to many of the antique quilt patterns. I don't have an artistic part in my body. If push came to shove, I probably could drag out my compass and/or protractor and sketch in for the block and enough of the border but not the fancier read part of the border. I do have an ex brother-in-law who was an artist and still draws who might help me for the border. However, even though I was a math major, I abhor geometry. I do enjoy some of the math of quilting but I have a disability which stress sets amiss, so I just TRY to keep stress lessened which is difficult. I love blue and I think this would be beautiful with the major color being a beautiful shade of blue. Regardless, this quilt sure caught my eye. Thank you for sharing the quilt with us. Just making a quilt can be a stressor and I haven't pieced in over 5 years since my husband died, but it might also be a nice change. Again, thanks.


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