Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Pot of Flowers, More Red & Green, Day 11

My antique 4 block "Pot Of Flowers" Quilt. In 2012, I had the wonderful experience of seeing an exhibit of about 30 antique examples of this pattern at the annual Seminar of the American Quilt Study Group. The exhibit was coordinated by Connie Nordstrom who has authored a paper on the pattern in the 2002 Uncoverings. The pattern has been popular since the 1850s.
The pattern is most often used in a 4 block setting like this one.  All have the same arrangement of vase with large flower at top center, 5 smaller flowers, and 2 hanging flowers with a similar one on the pot. And all have lots of appliqued dots!

To see more of the AQSG exhibit, visit Barbara Brackman's blog post on the subject

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