Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Red and green

Civil war era antique quilt top from Pennsylvania, Lancaster Co. The pattern is a variation of King David's Crown, Brackman #3649. Blocks were hand pieced not appliqued and then joined by machine. One of the things I really like about this pattern is the secondary design in the off white background-a cross or 4 bells. Once I saw it, it is now the first thing I see when looking at the quilt; it would have been lost if the maker had added sashing.
I really enjoy these red and green quilts and this is another I may try to reproduce-just a few blocks or maybe one and I'd have to applique it as I don't have the curved piecing skills of this maker. Another top for my own quilt history and appraisal study and to share with my students. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

1876 Centennial Preprinted Patchwork Part 2

Here is the 1876 centennial preprinted patchwork in the madder brown colorway. The maker really enjoyed using this fabric throughout the log cabin quilt, reminds me of the way many of us used the millennium 2000 fabrics (not unusual since they are both commemorative/moment in time prints). This fabric is featured in Trestain's Dating Fabrics 1800-1960 and a large section is shown on page 75. It is also shown in several other places in the 1860-1880 section (pg 77 3rd row middle -paisley swatch; pg 78 1st row -left swatch, 2nd row middle -flag swatch, and 3rd row-left and middle swatches).

I have previously posted a scan of yardage in the red madder colorway, click here or scroll down to view that post. I don't know if there are any other colorways of this print. It is interesting to note the 1776 Liberty bell square pictures war time with cannons firing and cannonballs flying, swords, bayonets, flags and drum while the 1886 Peace shield square shows peace time with peace dove, liberty cap, plow, crops and a new day rising. I've heard that this fabric replicates an actual pieced quilt of the era, but I haven't had time to research this yet--does this ring a bell with anyone?
This circa 1890 log cabin quilt is actually a coverlet or summer spread, the logs are hand pieced to muslin foundation squares which are then pieced/appliqued together covering raw edges. There is no quilting although the hand piecing looks like quilting from the back. The coverlet is bound with the centennial fabric and a red/black buffalo check and other fabrics. Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge them and look at the other fabrics from the last quarter of the 19th century used in the coverlet (mourning gray prints, chocolate browns, shirtings, etc.).
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