Sunday, August 3, 2008

Squirrel quilt

There's been a discussion about quilts depicting possum's on Quilthistory list but here is a quilt* actually made from real squirrel pelts. Yes it is a dead squirrel quilt. Part of the Jean and Boyd Christensen quilt collection at This Is The Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. The back is very soft deerskin. From Boyd's visit to our quilt appraisal course in 2006, it seems to be his favorite quilt in the collection. They found it in New York and were told it was made by an 11 year old girl. *For purists, it is tied not quilted so it is technically a comfort not a quilt.

log cabin

My Pennsylvania log cabin quilt has a snazzy ferret or fox wearing a hat fabric that enchanted me. The back is strip pieced 'strippy' often found in PA. The maker took care to fussy cut the large variety of prints to showcase them and she obviously liked the ferret/fox fabric as she used it in a number of blocks. Small scale blocks, c. 1890.

chintz star quilt

This chintz variable/evening star quilt c. 1830 is one of my favorites and probably my best internet/auction house buy. Brown, pink and red prints (many glazed) and carefully arranged by maker who had access to (and money for) a lot of fabric including enough for one background fabric. It serves as a reminder that not all early quilts are scrap quilts. It is a large quilt, an indicator of early date. Probably made in Pennsylvania. Picture taken while it was being appraised at Quilts Etc. in Sandy, Utah.
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