Saturday, December 1, 2012

Go Team Cheddar - Vote now

My miniature repro Cheddar Stars Over Moab is in a Star contest and I'd appreciate your vote.  As a prize for my readers: eye candy (aka antique cheddar quilts).

Antique Compass Star Quilt, circa 1880, probably Southern U.S
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Here's a close up and the full reproduction quilt  and the original antique
and the voting link
Cheddar Stars Over Moab, 20" x 24"             Antique Ohio Star Quilt, circa 1890, 74" w X 87" h
Antique Sunburst/Sunflower Quilt, circa 1860 Pennsylvania
Detail of Whig Rose quilt, circa 1870, with unusual cheddar bird border
Another Cheddar Sunburst/Sunflower, circa 1850
Thanks again for reading and voting


  1. Just voted for your all the cheddar antique quilts.

  2. LOVE the vintage eye candy. And your little quilt is wonderful, Sandra! I'm going to vote now.

  3. Your version of the antique quilt is wonderful! I'm so glad you included that fun border! Love that! And I voted......right now your quilt is in 2nd place! Good luck!

  4. Love cheddar when I see it in quilts, your quilt is lovely!

  5. Just put my vote in for your wonderful cheddar stars...found the photo in the recent QNM too...cheddar is one of my new favorite fabrics.

    Thank you for posting the vintage quilts too - they are fabulous.

  6. Oh definitely the mad border AND cheddar. Gorgeous. Good luck.


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