Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Post 14: Antique Quilt Extravaganza: A Month of Antique Quilts Red and Green Quilt Festival

 Post 14 Red and Green Antique Quilt Festival. Okay, today's quilt is Pink and Green (close enough to Red, isn't it) and are quilt blocks (again, close enough, I hope). One of the happiest set of blocks, I've ever found. They come from SouthEastern Pennsylvania.

Aren't these blocks utterly delightful!! Somebody really liked to do applique!

And this is a mock-up of a quilt from the blocks (thanks Karen Alexander for this sample).

And finally, here is what I believe is the quilt made by the same maker (and my blocks are leftover blocks). Found by Donna Vitale in Maxatawny, Berks Co., PA (SE PA) and dated 1890. These blocks were all placed in the same direction, unlike the mock-up above.


  1. So Happy! I can see her smiling as she stitched. What size are the blocks?

  2. Definitely an applique aficionado! The mock up reminds me of the quilts in Gwen Marston's "Four Block Quilts" book. That would be a stunning sister quilt to the larger one!

  3. so happy to see this different way of setting this sort of block..... great fun.

  4. Those are incredible feather blocks and that is a very talented (and patient) quilter!
    Love that you have found the likely source of the blocks. Fun to see it in the different settings. How many of these blocks do you have?

  5. Very unique! Is there any chance that pink was ever red, or is it a definite double pink, as it looks?


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