Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Day 16 A Month of Antique Quilts! Red and Green Antique Caesars Crown Quilt

Last week I shared one of my antique Caesars Crown quilts from Southeastern Pennsylvania and said that I had more including some that are signature quilts. Here's one of my Caesar's Crown signature quilts - an amazing piece of history.

The full quilt. Such a formal quilt ... except that the placement of the white centers creates such movement.

A close-up of one of the blocks. Each block has a message like a "Tribute of Respect" along with the person's name and hometown.Most also have the classic signature quilt sentiment, "Remember Me When This You See" or simply "Remember Me" and the date of 1851.

"Tribute of Respect by Esther Eschbach/ Colebrookdale Tps, Berks Co PA Remember Me When This you see 1851" Click on block to see more detail and the yummy fabrics.

 The crowning detail is the ownership/dedication block reading"Elizabeth Bickel or Bectel -His (sic) Property In the Year of Our Lord 1851, Berks/Montgomery County Pennsylvania". 

This ownership block was appliqued to the quilt border before the quilt was quilted. It is done in German script called Fraktur writing by a professional writer or scrivener, William Ehst. The blocks were also written by him not the individuals named.

Part of my Sign of the Times, Antique Signature Quilt Trunk show and class. Now available as an online - Zoom class. 



  1. That script sure is fancy and you sure have a lot of red and green quilts.....

  2. Incredible writing!
    I love the fact that the centers are placed so randomly. Really gives a whimsical feel to this otherwise highly structured quilt.


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