Saturday, December 5, 2020

Post 4 of the Monthlong Antique Quilt Festival - Red and Green Signature Star

4th post of the antique quilt extravaganza!!! And how could I do an antique quilt festival or a Red and Green event without featuring this amazing quilt? I simply could not! 

Not only is this quilt made of red, white, and green fabrics; it is literally a red, white, and green quilt since it has family surnames of Scarlett, White, and Green! Isn't that cool?

The main surname or last name is Worrall, the Quaker family for whom the quilt was made. It also features wonderful inked drawings like the hand throwing a cupid's arrow into a heart (below).

The quilt is a genealogy record of a Quaker family from Chester County, Pennsylvania and was made for Enoch Worrall and Mary Hoopes Worrall and is dated 1850.


  1. Don't you just love the history in a signature quilt? This is another block I don't think I've seen before. And how interesting to see the Oak Reel blocks in the corners. Another treasure quilt!

  2. Wow, what great family history is held in this quilt!

  3. Love the history involved here.
    Also, it is interesting to me that the blocks with the different coloration were carefully placed in a symmetrical design--that doesn't always happen. The Oak Reels in the corner make me so curious. Were they planned, or a start on a quilt that never happened and just thrown in to speed up a finish? So many possibilities.


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