Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Day 7 - A Month of Antique Quilts - Red and Green Applique Quilt

 Thanks again for following along and viewing and commenting. Y'all help make this fun.

Today's quilt is an unique (so far) version of coxcomb and currant pattern, circa 1850. The only one I have seen with the berries making a figure 8 around the combs. Also they only one I've seen with this interesting border combination. Starley quilt collection.

 You've got to love all those dots!!! And that limey green. Such a dotty and happy quilt!

And the interesting border with the 4 floral vase arrangement (and more dots) and the four petalled circles. Simply exquisite.


  1. I have never seen that particular pattern; it is just lovely, isn't it!!!

  2. I too have never seen this arrangement. Glad to know of it.

  3. It almost looks like someone was inspired by the Christmas Cactus!

  4. That is a pretty unique and fabulous layout! This quilter would be a big pattern designer today.


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