Sunday, December 6, 2020

Post 5: A Month Full of Antique Quilts - Antique Red and Green Caesar's Crown Quilt

 I love sharing these antique quilts with you. Thank you for all the nice comments so far, I really appreciate hearing from you. 

Here's another of my favorites (yes, almost all of these are my favorites - are you shocked?), a Red and Green Caesar's Crown from Southeastern Pennsylvania, circa 1860.

Be sure to click on the first picture to see it up close! It is all hand pieced NOT appliqued. Look at how sharp those points are!
My favorite feature of this pattern is the secondary design created when the blocks are set straight together with no sashing. Do you see the white cross or 4 white bells? You may have to squint a bit. 

You probably can see the cross now, I hope. Such a great pattern.

Here it is hanging out with 2 more antique Caeser's Crowns that are also from Southeastern PA. The others are signature quilts. 


  1. I enjoy seeing your lovely antique quilts very much.

  2. Wow, these are wonderful! I've never seen this block before and you have three?!? I can't even imagine piecing this block rather than applique. Now that's a craftswoman!

  3. Love that Caesar's crown. Incredible hand piecing on it.
    Thanks for sharing!


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