Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1880 Hexagon Medallion with Novelty Prints; Antique Quilt

I'm revisiting the quilt featured in the Cupids in quilts valentine's day post.    Here is the center with a great bird from a cheater cloth/printed patchwork crazy quilt fabric (the fabric was used many times in the quilt).  And if you look closely you'll find a centennial 1876 flag print (don't forget to click on photos to enlarge them).

Here is the full quilt, love the graphic nature of hexagon medallions with careful color placement and this is a real triumph of both art and workmanship.  Circa 1880 in the charm style although with repeats (mostly fussy cut from different parts of novelty/cheater cloth fabrics).  It has lots of wonderful unusual novelty prints and I'll share a few in this posting.   You can scroll down to the prior post or click on the link above to see the cupid fabrics.

Probably the most important fabric in the quilt is this dated centennial print from 1876 with 1776- 1876, the  Liberty bell and the names of the original colonies.

Next we find this charming couple and another bird and on the middle of the bottom row another printed patchwork print (see how it looks like a piece of sewn patchwork).  The 1880's were the heyday for such fabrics.

Next we find another person in a lovely striped outfit and a simulated needlepoint flower and look closely, that  flower is from a printed patchwork imitation crazy quilt fabric.


  1. Thanks for the "up close and personal" view of the fabrics in this quilt. Fascinating. Makes me want to get out my vintage textiles and compare. Some of the fabrics look very familiar!

  2. I like how that lonely centennial fabric was sneaked in there, cut perfectly to fit with the dates showing. Glad you saw it and shared a picture.

  3. Thanks for the closer look. Marvelous!!

  4. Fabulous Quilt! An amazing collection of fabrics, she did a great job with the variety.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. I still like the term cheater cloth! :)

  6. Thank you for the great photos of these vintage quilts and their dear fabrics. Always such a treat to see these up close.


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