Thursday, February 1, 2018

Antique Signature Quilt -Wild Goose Chase 1850 New Jersey

An unusual antique signature quilt, part of my Sign of the Times antique quilt trunk show and quilt study class. This one is from North Western New Jersey, Warren County specifically. Wild Goose Chase is the pattern name. Quilt is dated 1850 and 1851.
It has unusual sentiments that are often focused on end of life or how neighbors should behave. The auction house listing noted "religious quotations, many associated with death". It appears that the maker surveyed her community and then did blocks listing neighbor's name and her advice for them of her opinions of them. Quite different from the ususal signature quilts where block makers would sign their names and write messages for the recipent of the quilt . 
In this block with Catharine M. Ellicot's name the message is
"Shun the paths of sin and folly.
Which lead to abject melancholy.
But walk the road to joy and bliss.
Where peace and love and Jesus is."

And in this block for Sarah E. Cole
"May Sarah be wise in this
valley below-
And look to the skies
where her spirit must go,
O may it there sing
To Jesus her King.

And on a textile note: in the block close ups, you'll see symmetrical hole in the turkey red fabrics. Those are caused by mordant to get dye to stay on the designs added to the fabrics or where the fabric was bleached to add patterns.

If you'd like to learn more about this quilt and other interesting antique quilts/ quilt history or about antique fabrics and quilts, please feel free to contact me to arrange a trunk show or antique quilt history class. Or pass my name onto your guild or shop or show director looking for an entertaining and educational presenter. Thanks.

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