Saturday, February 17, 2018

Antique Pillar Prints - Antique Fabric tutorial

After yesterday's post on neon prints, I thought I'd continue with another fabric terminology tutorial: Pillar Prints. Pillar prints are fabrics prominently depicting architectural columns or pillars (think Greek ruins or old Southern mansions).
This is my favorite - part of my Birds and Blooms trunk show or antique quilt study class. 1820s from England. Pillars with birds are the best!

Here's another -pillar print with baskets. This print was produced in at least 15 different colorways/versions. A ridiculously popular print. Backing fabric for a double 9 patch in my collection. ** Another fabric/color term is monochrome (aka one color) and this is the monochrome version. A multicolored would be a poly-chrome.

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