Friday, February 2, 2018

Fabric Valentine Postcards

Fabric postcards are a fun and easy way to try out new patterns or just have fun.
The two hearts were made and donated to a service project for veterans. I used yarn in the edge zigzag stitching for an extra punch and added quilting on the 2nd card as well as decorative brads.

This was for family and again fun fabric, yarn, and brads from the scrapbooking section - yes, these were done several years ago.

I used fusible timtex -heavy stabilizer as the core of my postcards and did the piecing of the tops/fronts directly onto the timtex in a stitch and flip method and then added details, such as brads and decorative yarns.  I then fused a plain backing to the reverse to create a place for a message and address.

Yes, you can mail these in regular mail though I probably wouldn't mail ones with yarn edges or brads without putting them in an envelope. Hope you are inspired to send some LOVE!


  1. Very cute!
    I sent some fabric postcards years ago as part of a SewCalGal challenge. It was a lot of work and I haven't made any since. I am such a wimp. :)

  2. Beautiful works and loving too !Some cats addlife and fun .Thanh you to share


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