Monday, February 5, 2018

Antique Quilt - Full Blown Tulip, King David's Crown or Caesar's Crown

I have become quite smitten with antique Caesar's Crown quilts and now have a small collection of the pattern. This beauty was my first - a very graceful, curvy variation of the pattern and reminds me that another name for the pattern is Strawberry.  *If you are wondering about the construction - it is NOT appliqued. It is curved pieced by hand - a method Barbara Brackman calls show off piecing.

Here is her glamour shot.
1860 Crown Top, Pennsylvania. Starley Collection

One of my favorite things about this pattern when it is straight set without sashing is the beautiful secondary design that magically appears... see the white cross or bells?  To learn more about the history of the pattern, see my article for Discover Vintage.


  1. Wow--I had expected to learn that this was applique! Show-off piecing is a wonderful term for this. Pretty amazing, I'd say!

    1. Janet, It seems amazing to me too but it is a top so I can definitely tell it is curved pieced not applique. Thanks


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