Thursday, February 22, 2018

Antique Star Quilts - Stars from the Schwenkfelder Museum

As part of the continuing education for certified quilt appraisers - PAAQT (Professional Association of Appraisers Quilted Textiles) holds an annual seminar. Last year's was held in SE Pennsylvania and we visited two museums, Chester County Historical Society (see prior post) and the Schwenkfelder History Center and Museum in Pennsburg, PA. We were treated to a wonderful bed turning from their collection and the walls were festooned with fabulous star quilts. Here are a few. Enjoy.

Ps. Click on the link above or here for more information on Schwenkfelders. Super brief synopsis: A religious group from Southern Germany area, part of Protestant Reformation. Followers of Caspar Schwenckfeld. Many emigrated to SE Pennsylvania.


  1. Over the top star quilts! The quilt in the middle just pulsates with vibrancy.

  2. Love stars.. Im trying to duplicate an old quilt I have. I am making the feathered star in blue and white challenging for me. But, I will finish.


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