Friday, February 9, 2018

Antique Quilt Tumbling Block Stars Quilt - Antique faux patchwork, cheater cloth

I have a couple antique Tumbling Block Star Quilts with a solid fabric center star - shown top center in this picture. They are from Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania and date circa 1885. My friend Greta alerted me to them when she found one in the New England Quilt Museum that was a twin to one in her collection. We've seen found about 20 of them in different collections - all with a central star of solid fabrics and the rest of the stars done in prints.

This quilt has a piece of this calendar cheater print from 1881. Isn't that a cool print? So great to find an unused piece with the original true color.

The piece in the quilt is quite a bit worse for the wear but is definitely the same calendar fabric.

The quilt also features several diamonds from this cat/dog cheater print.

And here's the red tie cat in the quilt

And here is more of the quilt.


  1. When I saw your photo, I immediately thought of the quilt in the New England Quilt Museum collection. Reading on, I see you've seen it. We think it is a charm quilt. It is a wonderful catalogue of period fabrics.


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