Saturday, January 13, 2018

Day 12 - more antique printed patchwork and novelty fabrics

More faux patchwork, printed patchwork, aka cheater cloth. This one is a calendar print dated 1881 and featuring a calendar for each month of 1881. I love how each one also details the stages of the Moon. And of course, the simulated patchwork print background is a delight as well.

And even more fun ... finding the print in a quilt! Yes, it is in the same tumbling block star I shared yesterday with the cat/dog print.

And here's a sweet little bird. Also in the photo you can see how closely the maker matched the fabrics in the 3 sets of star points, specifically the points across from each other (the 2 small greens, the 2 yellows, and the 2 dark prints w/red).

And another one, maybe a swan? And again notice how closely matched the prints are (two small scale greens, 2 brown prints, and 2 reds).


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