Friday, January 26, 2018

Antique Makeover - Cheddar Stars Quilt Old and New

I collect almost exclusively 1800s quilts with a few from the early 1900s and I generally make antique reproduction quilts but I also like to shake things up and make more modern makeover quilts. I also occasionally make even more modern quilts, landscape quilts inspired by the beauty of Moab, funky and folky quilts too. 
This quilt was made for the Home Machine Quilting Show Riley Blake Challenge and as you can see the fabrics were a wild combination of colors and prints from stripes to giant polka dots and paisleys. I was playing with cheddar fabrics for a traditional star project and found that this bright cheddar worked with the challenge fabrics and that the antique star pattern was a great fit too.
Mod Cheddar Stars
Here is the antique inspiration quilt from my antique star quilt collection.
1890 cheddar star from Ohio.

And here are the two quilts, old and new, getting acquainted.

If you'd like to make your own cheddar star quilt (or any other color), a paper piecing pattern is available at my etsy shop. And yes, I also made the traditional miniature version and there is a pattern for it too.
Cheddar Stars Over Moab


  1. Have always loved your reproduction of this quilt. Just beautiful!

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  3. The Mod Stars quilt is a great modern take on a vintage classic. But I am partial to the mini remake of the original. :)


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