Thursday, January 11, 2018

Antique Crib Quilt Burgoyne Surrounded - Double Sided Crib Quilt

A rather unique crib quilt featuring 4 Burgoyne Surrounded blocks circa 1860. Burgoyne Surrounded isn't a super common quilt pattern and is even less common as a crib quilt.  Starley Quilt Collection, part of my Sweet Little Things antique crib/doll quilts trunk show or antique quilt study class.

Such an unusual fabric choice for a two color quilt - so busy that the block design can hardly be deciphered close up and needs distance to be truly appreciate.

The pieced backing is a nice surprise. It is an earlier/older top that was likely recycled to create the quilt. Note the Baptist Fan/ Elbow quilting


  1. I love everything about this quilt! I would like 25 yards of that blue fabric please!!!

  2. Love two-color quilts, especially busy ones such as this! Might go blind working on it tho!


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