Friday, January 19, 2018

1840s antique signature quilt Part 2 Antique Signature Stamps

See yesterday's post for more about this chimney album quilt from Delaware and Pennsylvania and dated in the 1840s. I also shared different close-ups of the signatures. Part of my popular Sign of the Times, antique signature quilt study lecture or class. An amazing opportunity to see these treasures up close, hands on, in the cloth!

The detailed leaf sashing fabric is stunning!

**The signatures from yesterday were hand drawn  but this block was done with a signature stamp.

And here's the type of signature stamp used at the time - I share several of these in my trunk show.

And here is that very same signature stamp used on the 1840s quilt


  1. And what is it about the signature that you look for in order to differentiate between those that are stamped and those that are actually signed? This intrigues me.

    1. All the stamps I've seen are ovals and some have type set names (see photo 3 above) and others have hand written names in the centers.

  2. Wondering how they got 2 lines of text in that Philadelphia stamp...


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