Tuesday, January 2, 2018

1840s New Jersey Signature Quilt

A  new addition to the Starley Antique Quilt Collection part of my Signature Quilts Mid Atlantic Mid Century trunk show - New Jersey Signature Quilt from the 1840s. Signatures are mainly from Repaupo, New Jersey. Unusual to see wild goose chase with album blocks.


  1. I am a genealogist who quilts a little. These signature quilts dated prior to 1850 are an invaluable record of women from that time. Prior to 1850, the census only named heads of households so that a woman who died prior to 1850 might leave no record of her identity. Mrs. Catherine Allen is likely, in 1850, to be the 26 year old wife of Henry Allen. She had four children by then. Hannah L. Robins cannot be identified for sure in 1850. There is a ten year old Hannah L. Robbins in the county, but she is much too young to the be creator of the 1842 block. Her mother could be the creator, but the woman in her household is named Ann S. Robins. It is possible that Hannah L. Robins was deceased by 1850, and her husband had remarried. Miss Annelinga Fish is missing in 1850. She either died or married by 1850.


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