Monday, January 1, 2018

Wonderful year of antique quilt treasures Day 31 of 31 day blog challenge

I had a wonderful year sharing my antique quilt collection with friends old and new, making connections between quilts and families across the decades, tracing the footsteps of many of my antique quilters, and so much more.
One of best moments was reuniting my Hoopes -Worrall quilt (center) with 2 cousin quilts (Irwin family) in the Chester County Historical Society (Pennsylvania). They were made 1845/50 and likely were separated for many years/century? Quaker families.

And visiting the Gwynedd Quaker Meeting House and graveyard in Gwynedd PA related to another quilt in my collection.

Hill's Church, Boyertown, Berks Co. PA related to some rolling stone signature quilts.

And neighboring Old Huff''s Union Church, Hereford, Berks Co. PA, found several of the names from my Rolling Stone quilts

And I had a delightful time teaching 2 paper piecing classes: Cheddar Stars and Home of the Brave at Pieces and Patches Quilt Guild in Jackson, Michigan as well as presenting an antique quilt treasures lecture/trunk show.


  1. That must be thrilling to find ties to your quilts!
    Looks like a fun group in your Michigan classes.
    Wishing you a great new year, Sandra!


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