Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Antique Tumbling Block Star - Month of Quilt Treasures

My antique tumbling block star quilt c. 1890 from the Kreider family of Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania.  It is unusual not only for its maker's careful color placement to make stars and cubes and match opposing  star points but most importantly for its center star of solid fabrics.  It is part of a small group of about 20  tumbling block star quilts found in Lancaster Co. each with a distinctive center block (and only the center block) composed of solid fabric as shown above.  This interesting niche group of tumbling block star quilts was discovered by my friend Greta Van Den Berg and luckily I was with her when she made the discovery.  I've since acquired several of my own.

Here is another star showing the careful matching of opposing star points - indigo print to indigo print, madder paisley to madder paisley.  Also note the floral quilting in the diamonds.

And here is the special center block with all solid fabrics -only star in the quilt with all solids.


  1. Delicious! I love this one. I think I was born in Lancaster County in an earlier life!

  2. Wow--lovely quilt. How interesting that only the center star is solid fabrics.


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