Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Month of Antique Quilt Treasures -Day 6

More late 1800s novelty fabrics in an almost charm triangle quilt with thousands of pieces.
Fun fussy cut bird with shirtings.

And a delightful mailbox conversation/novelty print.

The full quilt -that's a LOT of 1/2 square triangles!

Remember I said to always look for Centennial prints in late 1800s charm style quilts -- found one. Clever plaid print created by using Centennial in horizonal lines and 1776 1876 in vertical. 

And most late 1800s charm type quilts have equestrian novelty prints -score! A horse print and see the horse shoes above them on the left?


  1. Wow--that is some quilt!
    It has an interesting design. Don't know if I have seen HSTs placed in that manner before.
    Again, love the fabric close-ups. Thanks, Sandra!


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