Sunday, December 24, 2017

Antique Remake Rose of Sharon Quilt - Daily Antique Quilt Treasures

(Topic for this week is Antique Bird Quilts). This is Quilted Joy a reproduction of a joyful antique Rose of Sharon quilt in my collection (see below).  Made for the American Quilt Study Group's Civil War Quilt Study and is part of the traveling exhibit. Right now it is on display at the Stillwater Museum in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Hand applique and hand quilting.
This quilt is available as a hand applique class/workshop and the antique quilt is the star of my antique quilt trunk show: Birds and Blooms showcasing amazing mid 1800s antique applique quilts.
Quilted Joy, 2014, Sandra Starley, 31 x 31

Close-ups of the repro (above) and the antique (below). I reduced the block size and number and scaled down some details (3 leaves on Rose stems instead of 5) but tried to faithfully recreate the folk art charm and exuberance.

This is probably the happiest quilt I own or have ever seen!  This has to be what JOY looks like when it is quilted. This unknown quilter really upped the ante and filled every inch with applique and quilting.  Can you tell I love this quilt?  If you look closely, you will see that it is a 9 block, Rose of Sharon quilt with filler bird and grape vine applique and fancy floral borders.  **Note, this is an antique quilt from 1855** 
To learn more about the history of the Rose of Sharon pattern, please see my article

The border is over the top with all the different flowers -irises, tulips, etc. I really like how the 3 stemmed flower groups have been stitched to make them into a basket. And the two different birds are delightful and the red birds seem to be enjoying the blue berries. They do look delicious. There are a lot of embroidered details (stitching on appliques, etc.)--so much to take in. Enjoy-I sure am.
If you have seen a similar quilt, please let me know as I haven't found anything close and neither has the dealer.

**I'm so happy to be sharing these treasures with you and participating for the 3rd year in the 31 Day Blog Challenge. Click on the photo to go to the main page and connect with others sharing their quilts (old and new) and other creative work. Thanks Cheryl Sleboda for hosting this again and inspiring us to share. 

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