Thursday, December 21, 2017

Antique Conversational Star Quilt - Month of Antique Quilt Treasures

The block pattern is "Ship's Wheel"
The quilt is circa 1890**, these steel engraving novelty prints are mostly from the 1880s.
**The top is c. 1890 but was minimally quilted a few years ago with a polyester batting. I've since unquilted it and removed the poofy poly but left the backing to protect the seams.

This quilt is a tour de force of fussy cutting! And has more novelty or conversational prints than I've seen on any other quilt. Please be sure to click on the individual photos to see the details and all the amazing novelty or conversation prints.


  1. Delightful! And, what a labor of love taking that thing apart. Conversational prints are among my favorites!

  2. Wow--I have not seen such fussy cutting on a vintage piece like this!
    Good of you to get the poofy batting out of there!

  3. It's a challenging block. The fussy cutting is an admirable touch.


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