Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Antique Quaker Signature Quilt - Month of Quilt Treasures

Dated 1848 Signature star quilt - Quaker families from Delaware and Chester Co. Pennsylvania. Main surname is Tyson and also several  Hannum, Haycock, Dutton, Williams, Baker and Thomas.

The main towns are Aston and Chichester. Also Concord, West Chester, and Middletown. It is related to several other quilts in my collection and those of my friends and also Chester County.

This block is for David Cregg or Craig of Wilmington, Delaware (state) who married his block neighbor Isabella S. Tyson in 1849.


  1. Another gorgeous quilt. The hits just keep coming!

  2. I think you had this one on display at a show where I visited your booth. It fascinated me!


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