Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Antique Quaker Signature Quilt 1850 - 31 Days of Quilt Treasures

Antique signature quilt, Quaker, made for Enoch and Mary Hoopes Worrall of Bradford, Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1850. Center is a dedication block showing the ownership and then listing the couple's children. Many blocks have several names. A true genealogical record.

 The full quilt in all its beauty.

Block for Mary Ann & Edith Trego (age 10 and 12). Wonder if their uncle or cousin was a whaling captain?

Block for Enoch and Mary's daughter Mary Hoopes Worrall. I'm sure it is depicting love or a cupid type activity but the hand throwing the knife into the heart is a wee bit odd.


  1. Fabulous quilt! I am really enjoying these quilts. I look forward everyday to checking in on your blog to see the day's treasure you'll share. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful antique quilts with us.


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