Tuesday, December 5, 2017

31 days of Antique quilt treasures - Day 4 more novelty printed patchwork

That blue butterfly is part of an 1880s faux crazy quilt fabric below. Scroll down for the full quilt.
Such a great fabric with simulated stitching and crazy quilt motifs.

 Love these figures and of course the bird and look at the blue stripe on the bottom row is another printed patchwork, cheater print.

 And the center fabric below with the Liberty Bell is another 1876 Centennial print. Remember to always look for them in later 1800s charm style quilt. 

The full quilt -what a beautiful hexagon medallion, circa 1885.


  1. This crazy printed patchwork fabric is one of my favorites! I have used Judie Rothermel's reproduction of it quite a few times. Thanks for sharing the real thing!

  2. Love that finished quilt--and the close-up peeks at the fabrics.


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