Monday, December 18, 2017

Dolly Madison Star -Antique Quilt Stars -Month of Antique Quilt Treasures

Antique Dolly Madison Star Quilt. Starley Collection. The block is Brackman #2241: Dolly Madison's Star (Finley 1929) or President's Block (Nancy Cabot, 1930's) or Santa Fe (Hearth and Home 1885 -1930's). Named for the popular First Lady Dolly (Dolley) Madison, wife of President James Madison. This block is very uncommon.  Please contact me if you have one a vintage or antique version from the 1940s or earlier, I'd love to see other examples

Interesting to study it and wonder why all 5 of the blue center, red point blocks are the same BUT  there are 5 different arrangements in the 11 blue point blocks --- look closely.  See close-ups of 3 of them above.

From the Quilt Index: a pattern clipping from the newspaper in 1934.

I also like the fearless use of the burgundy border with the tomato red (very large scale polka dot) in the blocks.  A rather clash-y combo it is and yet quite fabulous!

If you'd like to make one, I found a pattern on the blog about designer Nancy Cabot

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