Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rose of Sharon with Birds Day 9

And this is probably my all time favorite antique and reproduction. Tune in tomorrow to see the reproduction 😊
 Love these birds and berries
 And the beautiful flowers
 And this delightful little bird too.
9 block, Rose of Sharon Quilt with Birds and Berries.
c. 1850, Ohio.
Sandra Starley Collection


  1. Rose of Sharon quilts rarely hold my interest; they are usually too predictable and plain. But not this one! WOW! I love those little birds, and the blue flowers in the border are so happy, packed in tight with the vines and stems! I love to see applique done over the block seams, using up all the blank space! Also, quite a feat on a large quilt! Awesome! I love this quilt!

  2. Lovely - the blue adds such a wonderful touch to this quilt. love those sweet birds


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